Types of Australian Visas

Information on the most common types of work, study, family and visitor visas for Australia

With over 125 different subclasses of visas, Australia’s visa system presents many opportunities for migration to Australia, but the system can be complex and migration laws and regulations change frequently. Click below for more information on the more popular types of Australian visas, and we invite you to book a professional consultation where we’ll identify and explain the best visa(s) for your particular needs and create a plan for you to get your Australian visa.

Skilled Visas

Skilled Visas are designed to permit highly skilled individuals in selected occupations to migrate to Australia

Employer Sponsored Visas

Employer Sponsored Visas allow Australian employers to sponsor employees to come to Australia to work in a business

Business/Entrepreneur Visas

Business Visas are excellent options for business owners, investors and entrepreneurs to come to Australia

Partner Visas

Partner Visas allow an Australian person to sponsor a fiance, spouse or de facto partner for permanent residency in Australia

Family Visas

Family Visas allow Australians to sponsor children, family and parents to come to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis

Student & Graduate Visas

Visas are available for students who wish to study in Australia as well as for work after graduation

Tourist and Visitor Visas

A variety of short term visitor and tourist visas are available for trips and holiday visits to Australia

Business Visitor Visas

These visas are useful for business trips, conferences and seminars, and other short term business-related travel to Australia

Other Australian Visas

Australia offers a variety of different types of visas for other purposes and circumstances

Additional Immigration Services

Australian Citizenship

We can prepare and submit your complete application package to obtain Australian citizenship

Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)

For visa refusals, we can prepare and submit your case to the Migration Review Tribunal for a second chance to get your visa

Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT)

If your refugee visa application is refused, we can prepare and submit your case to the Refugee Review Tribunal for full review

Ministerial Intervention

If your visa application is refused and you are unsuccessful at the MRT or RRT, we can prepare and file a special appeal on your behalf to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship