The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has warned students who held a qualifying student visa on 8 Feb 2010 and intend to use the transitional Skilled Occupation list for a subclass 485 visa application that the ability to use this expanded list of occupations ends on 31 December 2012.

The transitional arrangements have been in place for students who held a student visa on 8 February 2010, and allow them to use the expanded occupation list that is not available to people who apply for 485 visas and did not hold a student visa on this date.

This upcoming deadline is of special interest to students who want to qualify for the 485 visa based on an occupation that is no longer included in the current Skilled Occupation List, especially where a suitable alternative occupation is not available on the current list.

The end of these transitional arrangements also affects those who held or had applied for a subclass 485 visa

Students or their families with any questions about applying for a subclass 485 visa may contact Northam & Associates at for more information or to schedule a personal consultation to discuss all visa options for Australia.