Applicants who are planning on lodging an application for a subclass 485 Skilled Graduate Visa, a Partner Visa, 457 Business Long Stay Visa or Working Holiday visa are warned that DIAC application fees are slated for substantial increases from 1 January 2013.

Subclass 485 Skilled Graduate visas, a visa commonly used by graduates to remain in Australia to work after graduation, is set for a 300% increase from the current fee of $315 to a new fee of $1,260. Partner visa fees for onshore partner applications are set to increase from $3,060 to $4,000, with offshore partner visas set to increase from $2,060 to $2,700.

Subclass 457 visa application fees are scheduled for a $105 increase to go from $350 to $455, and Working Holiday Maker visa application fees are set to increase from $280 currently to a new fee of $360 on 1 January 2013.

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